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Mark Buckley's Reflections

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Struggles with God and Men

Mrs. Covey, my fourth grade teacher, taught me a great life lesson. She gave each student in our class at Bernard Hoffman Elementary School two fertilized chicken eggs. We put our initials on the eggs, which were put into a glass-topped incubator. After...

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Everything Falls into Place Eventually

Kristina dropped me off at the airport for a flight to Oakland last month. She was coordinating a medical clinic in Mexico for the weekend. I was traveling to California for Jon Riley’s ordination service, a family dinner, a pastor’s ...

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Stumbling into Health

Late one afternoon last month, I returned from my office exhausted. I tried to take a quick nap, but my left shoulder began to throb, making sleep impossible. I had hurt it lifting weights or sleeping in the wrong position. I wanted to have my physical therapist friend Steve ...

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How can we find the time?

I was talking with a friend with a large ministry who has many opportunities and challenges. I asked him what he does to stay in shape. He told me he eats healthy, works hard, and sleeps well. Those are all good things, but I encouraged him to take time ...

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Our Political Challenge

Years ago I learned a simple life lesson. If I want to enjoy my marriage, friends, and coworkers, it is best to be thankful for the blessings they bring, rather than focus on where they fall short. Lately, I’ve been trying to apply that principle to politicians. I’ve been following politics since I watched...

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Three Men with a Dream

In 1972, John Guido, and brothers Francis and Bob Capaldi, were close friends attending the University of Arizona. They heard stories about hippies and students coming to know Jesus on the beaches in Southern California. They headed west to visit the Jesus Movement sweeping ...

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Embracing Uncertainty

I have tried to peer into the future many times while praying. I would like to know the future, but most of the time it is a blur. I would like the Lord to tell me if I should invest in the stock market, or not. I think I know when our economy is headed for rough waters, but I cannot say for certain. I think I...

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I Wish I Could Do More

My back has gone out a couple of times this month. I wasn’t doing anything strenuous, yet the muscles in my lower back suddenly went into a spasm which made movement painful. I slowed down my workouts for a week, and I began to feel better. The next week, as I started out my front door to ...

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Inspired by a Dream

The ISIS attacks in Paris were a wakeup call for the western world. ISIS has given its followers a dream that the Caliphate they have established in Iraq and Syria can spread throughout the world. They are prepared to murder and terrorize anyone who opposes their diabolical agenda. Jihadists ...

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Chicken Little Goes on a Mission Trip

I wrote this Reflections in Honduras, where Kristina and I were visiting with Peter and Katie Stockton. Peter, a physician, brought his wife and four daughters to this remote northern coast to serve the poor. This area had no hospital for the thousands...

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