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Is Your Hope Alive?

by David Stockton. There are many religions, philosophies, thoughts, and belief systems in our world, but only one that has a living hope. There are many heroes, teachers, prophets, and gurus, but only one who conquered death. (Now, I am not picking on eastern religions when I...

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The Greatest Conflict Resolution Ever (The Gospel Resolve)

by David Stockton. I’ve noticed a trend in books and movies these days. Story writers are creating fantastic conflict climaxes and then resolving them in very annoying ways. For instance, at the end of Ocean’s 12 the resolution of all the impossible situations came ...

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A Supernatural Catch

By Mark Buckley. The Lord put a message on my heart for this Sunday from Luke 5:1-11 called “A Supernatural Catch.” In this story Jesus told Peter to go into the deep water and put down his nets to catch some fish. Peter was a commercial fisherman who had fished all night without catching anything....

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Kingdom Values

The choices we make each day reflect our values. ...

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The Perfect Blend of Love and Truth

We Christians love truth and at times have forsaken love in our pursuit and promotion of truth....

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Winning Glory

Mark Buckley gives a preview of his upcoming sermon: Winning the Prize of Heaven, from the series Culture of the Kingdom....

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We're Beginning a New Series

Mark Buckley gives a preview of the upcoming weekend....

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A Life Worthy of the Lord

To live a live in God's will is to live a life of which the world is not worthy....

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A Meat Wabee Wot

David Stockton gives a preview of his message for the upcoming weekend....

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A Grace Filled Life

Mark Buckley gives a preview of his upcoming sermon at Living Streams Church in Phoenix, Arizona....

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