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We're Only Halfway Through

Don’t even think about taking your foot off the gas pedal right now. Yes, we did have an amazing Passion Week around Living Streams. Yes, we did have a service on Palm Sunday that left many of us ...

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It's Passion Week

As my 39-year-old eyes survey this old world, I see things similarly to the one who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. “I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind,” says the Teacher, son of David, King of...

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What Can I Do When I Feel Punctured, Pierced and in Pain?

I have a contest for you this week. Without Googling, what are the three times God the Father spoke audibly during Jesus’ earthly life that are recorded for ...

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Why I Believe in Tithing

The only time in all of Scripture that we are asked to test God is in reference to tithing. In Malachi 3, God promises to pour out a greater blessing than we can hold if we are faithful in our tithes and offerings. In over forty-five years of ministry, I have seen God faithfully fulfill his ...

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Vacation Thoughts

There are some expressions in the modern, American version of the English language that have been mulling around in my mind. They have to do with the most basic, yet vital of human functions: breathing. When breathing in, air journeys into the mouth and nostrils, travels...

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Ditch the Garage

Not so long ago a friend of mine talked about his recent move to the central corridor in Phoenix. He told me about one of the distinguishing features of the surrounding homes from the 1940s –1960s: there are no garages. At first it was different for him and seemed like a ...

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